Monday, July 16, 2012

Girl Rape Attempt in the street of Pakistan City

A youung Girl in Indian Capital of Karachi was going to her house after her friend birthday party. It was 11 pm at night. Some boys found the young girl alone and you can see in the pictures that they start kissing her, pressing her every part of the girl body. There were arounf 10-15 young Karachi boys and no one dare to stop this and everyone just enjoying doin this. They have forgotten that the girl is also someone daughter and sister. This is really very tragic. The girl was shouting and crying but noone helped her. Someone also trying to remove the young student cloth as well. This has become the common thing in the street of Pakistan.

Please share this news by spreading this LINK so that all the culprit boys can be caught. 

boys pressing and kissing alone girl
Boys pressing and kissing alone girl in the street of Pakistan  Karachi
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